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What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring, or RPM, is a safe and efficient way to monitor patients in their homes, or Long Term Care Facility. RPMs allow healthcare providers to obtain critical data from patients from the comfort of their place of residence. RPM devices can be used to monitor patients with a variety of diseases and conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Remote patient monitoring has become the gold standard of patient care and can be seen in many forms of healthcare services such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, chronic outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, and private medical practices.

Benefits of Patient Monitoring

Clinician Experience

Zoom Remote Patient Monitoring using cellular connected devices, allows you to receive your patients data in real time. Thus, allowing you to have an up to date picture of a patients health status, and the abilty to adress any concern proactively.

Increased Revenue

With the Zoom RPM turnkey solution, your practice will recognize a significant revenue influx. Aside from the fact the patients are provided with the remote patient monitoring devices at no cost.
Zoom RPM, will handle all the heavy lifting of your RPM program.

Positive Outcomes

Your clinicians will receive real time alerts to measurements that fall out of prescribed ranges allowing them to instantly take action when problematic measurements are transmitted.

Remote Patient Monitoring For


Managing risk is a fundamental function for an insurance company. If you are able to have access to real-time health data for your patients.


As a medical professional sometimes it feels like you have unlimited patients with limited time. Your time is best spent with patients not paperwork.

Nursing Homes

Remote patient monitoring is a perfect match for long term care. Why? Clinicians can be alerted when immediately to problems.

Remote Patient Monitoring Features


Blood pressure and glucose readings are instantly recorded within the Zoom Remote Patient Monitoring application. Take immediate action with real-time info.

Device Status

From RPM Zoom you can view the status of your patients devices. This is helpful in that you can immediately notify them if there is a problem with the device. 

Nursing Notes

Proper medical record keeping are crucial to the operation of any medical practice, hospital or long term care facility. Our HIPAA compliant remote monitoring...


Each clinical user enrolled in our remote patient monitoring service will be assigned their own unique user name. We have different types of user accessbased

Data Review

Now that you have all this data it is of no use to you unless you have a plan to utilize it or know what to do with it. Zoom RPM provides you with a variety of reports.

QAPI Support

In order to judge the effectiveness of your remote patient monitoring solution you need an auditing framework whereupon you can judge your staff performance.

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