Zoom Remote Patient Monitoring for Insurance Companies


Health Predictability

Managing risk is a fundamental function for an insurance company. If you are able to have access to real-time health data for your customers it will you allow you to help them take action in order to mitigate your risk. Allowing you to serve your customers better.

Reduce Hospitalizations

With Zoom Remote Patient Monitoring devices you will be able to help your customers get the preventative care they need in order to reduce hospitalizations. Fewer hospitalizations equal more profit, and healthier happier customers.

Higher Profit, Lower Premiums

Studies have shown  patients who use remote patient monitoring devices are 57% less likely to be hospitalized. The average hospitalization will cost you, the insurer, around $10,000. Our remote monitoring service is able to reduce that by 57%.


Our integration with Point Click Data gives you a clear picture of what is going on with your customers, or potential customers. This provides you with the tools you need in order to make great client care decisions.

Using RPM Devices

Per hospitalization
In hospitalizations

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