Our Mission

The mission of Zoom RPM is aligned around the patients. We believe if we make the clinician's life easier it is the patients who will directly benefit. These three goals are what drive us, this is our mission.

Enhance the Clinician Experience

Zoom Remote Patient Monitoring allows you to recieve your patients data in real time. Thus, allowing you to have an up to date picture of a patients health. With Zoom RPM you can turn your attention to events and trends, and give less focus to the administrative tasks that are holding you back.

Sustainable Cost Savings

Aside from the fact the patients are provided with the remote patient monitoring devices. The real savings come from saved admin costs. Imagine this, one of your medical staff may take up to 20 measurements per shift. Medical record keeping can take up to two hours per shift.

Positive Patient Outcomes

Your clinicians will receive real time alerts to measurements that fall out of prescribed ranges allowing them to instantly take action when needed. This reduces the incidents of hypo or hyperglycemia. Studies have proven the effectiveness in improving patient outcomes.
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