What to Expect from Zoom RPM

Start to Finish Onboarding

When you start with Zoom RPM we will take care of all of the onboarding, getting the monitoring devices out to your patients, and setting up the Zoom RPM Platform; just how you want it. We are a full service remote patient monitoring service. All you need to do is focus on what you do best; provide the best patient care. We have been providing Remote Patient Monitoring services for over 10 years now. Our team has extensive experience in this field and can help get you started quickly. Contact us today!

Improved Compliance

Our remote monitoring devices give you the ability to eliminate manual result logging. Not only will this save you time, but it will also improve accuracy, legibility and omission rates. In eliminating results logging you will be saving your clinicians almost two hours a day. The resulting time saving can add up to 600 working hours a year. This gives your clinicians more time to interact with patients and improve patient care. Imagine what you could do with two extra hours a day. Ten extra hours a week, 40 extra hours a month.

Monitoring and Results

Zoom Remote Patient Monitoring was designed from the ground up to deliver you, the medical professional the results you need, when you need them. In real-time. This is accomplished using cellular data, other devices use Bluetooth or wifi but we prefer devices which can work anytime anywhere. This gives you the ability to get results immediately when measurements are taken in order to achieve the best outcome for your patients. Once the results arrive they are automatically inputted into the electronic health record, saving you time logging the results yourself.

Comprehensive Billing Reports

One of the fundamental promises we, as Zoom RPM make to you is that we will help you cut cut costs, without you needing to cut care. The way we do that is by helping  you remove the heavy workload that administrative tasks have on you. With that, we will also provide you comprehensive real-time billing reports that will show you exactly where you stand for the month, day, week. We can even go further than this with our reporting tools; so if there are any issues or concerns in your practice, we’ll be able to alert you immediately. This means that you don't need to worry about missing out on revenue because of a missed bill payment date. You won't miss anything!

The Benefits Are Clear

What do you think?

Why not take 30 minutes out of your schedule and speak to in order to find out if our solution is for you? Imagine what you could do with the extra time the Zoom Platform will afford you and your facility. We’ll show you how it works, answer any questions that may arise, and provide a free consultation so we can get started on creating an effective remote patient monitoring program at your practice. Contact us today!
Start to finish onboarding
Improved compliance
Monitoring and real-time results.
Comprehensive billing reports.