Why Choose Zoom Remote Patient Monitoring?

Zoom RPM is the leader in RPM services, with over 2000 patients at 134 facilities. The benefits include: improved clinical outcomes, reduced costs, increased quality of life for both provider and patient, better compliance rates, and more efficient utilization of resources.

Long Term Care Success

Zoom RPM has a proven record of success in the long term care arena of helping you reduce costs without cutting care, while increasing your billings.

Point Click Care Integrated

Zoom RPM is integrated with Point Click Care in order to give you the clearest picture available, on the market in order to quickly address and resolve problems.

Cloud Based Platform

Zoom RPM is cloud based with multiple redundancies. Giving you peace of mind we will always be there, and you can access us anytime.

Patient Mobile App

An integrated mobile app to alert your patients to take their measurements, based on the schedule you have set.

Zoom AI Engine

The Zoom AI engine analyzes your patients data in order to identify trends and allow you to take corrective action before there is a problem.

Real-time Reporting

Create up to the minute billing reports, patient reports, or device reports to discover what is happening in real time.

Spend your time wisely.

Learn why Zoom Remote Patient Management can save you time, save you money, and produce better patient outcomes.