Zoom Rpm for Medical Professionals

Zoom Rpm is Right for Medical Professionals

Average Reimbursement

Zoom RPM is able to help you maximize your payouts in a way that is both fair to you and to the patient. We are proud to say that the average disbursement our platform is able to identify is $125.

Reduce Administrative Work

On average, clinicians spend up to two hours a logging medical measurements. Zoom RPM takes care of this for you; giving you more time to spend with your patients.

Better Patient Outcomes

Zoom remote patient monitoring devices are reporting medical results to you in real time you are able to proactively deal with problem measurements, thus resulting in better patient outcomes.

CPT Codes with Calculations

You get daily reports on the CPT codes you have billed for in your practice which allows you to understand the state of your business on a regular basis.

Free for the Medical Provider

The best part of all this is it's no money out of your pocket. We help you get it set up, provide you the devices and provide the billing reports for the payment from Medicaid for enrollment.

Integrates with EMR/PCC

Zoom remote monitoring devices take care of your electronic medical records automatically.  In addition it generates billing reports for you to submit.
Hours Saved
Last year,  on average, per medical professional
Average Disbursement
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Provider Cost
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