Remote Patient Monitoring for 
Nursing Homes

Staff Efficiency

Our remote patient monitoring service allows you to more efficiently deploy staffing resources. Allowing you more of what you need, and less of what you do not need.

Reduce errors

The automatic logging of medical measurements using our remote monitoring devices allows tour clinicians to reduce omissions errors. Thus, giving you a more accurate picture.

One Meter, One Patient

No more wiping down devices between each measurement. No more confusion of results after a stressful shift. Results are easily identifiable because the results belong to the unique device.

Eliminates Cost of Meters

Not only do we provide the remote monitoring devices for your patients. We help you get reimbursed for them, and collect the enrollment fees. Not only do you save money, you make it.

Fewer Hospitalizations

Studies have shown remote patient monitoring reduces hospitalizations by 57%. This saves you an average of $8000 per patient per year.

Manage Multiple Facilities

Find out what is happening at all of your facilities from one dashboard. Run reports, see measurements, check alerts. It is all there for you from the one dashboard.
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